Frequently Asked Questions


What is teamelio?

teamelio is an online team management system that gives you and your team a really simple overview of your daily tasks. Anytime you need it and from everywhere you want. With teamelio you are in control of all tasks activities processing around you. Just save time and gain life quality!

A to-do list again?

teamelio is not only a simple to-do list. It is a collaborative task management tool for you and for people who work with you on a daily basis or on projects.

Is teamelio a software?

No, it is not a software. You do not need to install anything on your computer - you just need a computer with an up-to-date browser and an internet connection.

What can I do with teamelio?

The main purpose of teamelio is to be able to process tasks in an easy way. On top of that we try to give you additional tools to organize a team, you can write down notes and you can do announcements. Further handy tools will be enabled soon.

Sign in

Forgot my password?

Go to the sign in form and click on "forgot my password". Follow the instructions and teamelio will send you a new activation link to set a new password.

Where can I change my password?

You can change your password in your profile.

  • Please click on your user badge or "Account" and select "My Profile"
  • Go to the tab "account"
  • Click on "Change my password"

Can I change my sign in email address?

Yes you can change your email address. Hereafter you can sign in with your new email address.


How can I assign a task to more than one user?

The system allows users to assign a task to a single person or a group (only in PREMIUM). In the case where the user selects a group, all users of that group will receive a notification via email and the recipient will see also a signal in the task tabs "group tasks".

How are the tasks organized?

Depending on the date of the deadline each task has been set, there will be 4 groups of tasks - Overdue, Today, Tomorrow and Future. If you missed a deadline all affected tasks will be displayed in the container "Overdue". And all other tasks will split in their belonging groups.

Can I sort and filter tasks?

Yes, you can sort your tasks based on title, priority, progress, status, and deadline. In the FREE plan there is fixed filter that divides the tasks in "your tasks", "all open tasks" and "finished tasks". In addition you can filter your tasks more acurately based on the status and priority (only in PREMIUM).


How can I invite users to my workspace?

Use the big green "plus" button and select "Invite A User" or go to the section "Team" and click the button "add a user". (Only workspace owners)

Can I select a second group for a user?

Yes, the system allows to connect users into multiple groups.


Which browsers are supported?

teamelio supports recent browser versions on Windows, Mac OS and Linux:

  • Mozilla Firefox above version 3.0
  • Safari above version 4.0
  • Internet Explorer above version 7
  • Chrome above Version 5.0
  • Opera above version 9.5

Absolutely not supported are Internet Explorer 6 and Opera less version 9.5.

Can I import my data?

We would love to help you import data from another app or source. Please contact our support and we will discuss with you which way would be the best to move your data to teamelio.

Can I export my data?

Your teamelio data are yours! If you intend to quit, let us know shortly before and we will export a SQL file for you for free.

Can I run teamelio on my own server?

No, we are sorry but teamelio will run exclusively on our servers. We think that it makes more sense to centralize an application from the point of view of our clients - and it is also better for development.

Can I use teamelio offline?

No, you still need an internet connection and internet browser to use teamelio.

Can I use an API to access my data?

No, we do not offer an API yet but this will be a feature in the future.


Is my data safe?

Yes. Our data transfer is SSL encrypted. We backup our database several times a day and we transfer the backups to a secondary mass storage.

Where is my data?

We are located in Germany and we use servers from a well structured and solid hoster named "hetzner", located in the south of Germany.

My data is private - what are you doing with it?

Your data still is your data! Your data will not be abused for advertisement purposes or other reasons. Only activities against the law can force us to hand out a certain amount of information in case of a law suit. To improve the service though we might use anonymous information for statistical purposes. Precisely that means that we will count amounts of tasks, comments and users. That is all!


What does teamelio cost?

The service of teamelio is free if you choose teamelio FREE. This plan includes 3 users.

The service will cost 25 EUR /mo. when you upgrade to teamelio PREMIUM. This plan includes 30 users and professional features like online storage, filters, statistics and much more.

All accounts registered before introduction of PREMIUM accounts will remain free as long as you do not add any features/users. You are able to switch to a PREMIUM plan every time.


How do I create a workspace?

You are able to create an endless number of workspaces for free.

  • Click on left upper side on the dropdown of your current workspace
  • Click on "New"
  • Enter some information for the new workspace

You can start to invite users to this new workspace.

How do I leave a workspace?

You are able to leave any workspace at any time.

  • Click on left upper side on the dropdown of your current workspace
  • Click on "My Workspaces"
  • Select the button "Leave" from the button group in the row of the desired workspace to leave.

You will have no longer access to the selected workspace anymore.

How can I terminate my workspace?

You are able to terminate your workspace at any time by yourself.

  • Click on right upper side on your profile name
  • Click on "Settings"
  • Click on "Workspaces"
  • Select the workspace you want to terminate"
  • Select the button "Terminate" from the button group"
  • You will have to enter the name of the workspace and your login credentials to confirm the termination

This last step will irrevocably delete all your tasks, users, settings of this workspace.


How can I terminate my account?

You are able to terminate your account at any time by yourself.

  • Click on right upper side on your profile name
  • Click on "Settings"
  • Click on "teamelio Account"
  • You will find a red button "Terminate Account"
  • Confirm this step with your login credentials

This last step will irrevocably delete all your tasks, users, settings, workspaces and access to teamelio.