In which Excel sheet do we have our tasks?
Cannot find the last version.

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The Simple Task Management

Checking tasks in Excel?

See all tasks in one place. You and your team for a better time management.

Say NO to

✘ Confusing long email conversations
✘ Version conflicts of excel task sheet
✘ Endless follow up calls
✘ Lost post-it notes
✘ Time-wasting meetings

Switch to a better way of collaborating

teamelio helps you create, assign, delegate tasks with your team with ease!

Say YES to

✔ Clear visibility of task load
✔ Control of priorities
✔ Enhanced collaboration
✔ focused working
✔ Improved team spirit

Organized . Collaborative . Focused

Start in less than 45 seconds and save time with your team!

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Teamelio is an online team management system that gives you and your team a really simple overview of your daily tasks. Anytime you need it and from everwhere you want.

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