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Process email


Check and reply social media posts


Check social media groups


Respond to blog comments


Plan posting priorities


Proof read of blog post


Pre-schedule social media updates


Create graphic for blog post


Write and schedule newsletter


Schedule social media updates Week XX


Finalize blog [post topic] for next week


Blog maintenance


Write blog post [post topic]


Review revenues and finances


Check online statistics


Check email subscribers list


Brainstorm blog strategy


Topic research and contact other bloggers


+20 simple daily, weekly and monthly tasks for blogging

If you are blogging, you have many things on your mind and it is very important to keep everything running. When it comes to the management point of view there are a lot of tasks you should process. Here we are listing up some commonly performed tasks on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Check out for example some daily tasks like Check and reply social media posts or how about responding to comments on your blog. Some of our users have shared a lot of their way of working with their blogs - some of them are running these same processes every week. They pre-schedule social media updates, they proof read of their blog post or they finalize their blog topic for the upcoming week. Don't forget to run your blog maintenance! These and many other task templates are ready to use in your teamelio account.

Do you miss something? Any tasks you find yourself doing again and again that should be listed? Tell us!

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