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Task templates for repeating tasks

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Real Estate Agents

How about one of these following templates?

Process e-mail inbox

Answer all new emails of prospects, sort out unimportant emails and send updates to partners


Send new offers to customers

Send current offers to interested prospects and customers


Record basics of object

Record data both from you and your customer for later reference.


Create object exposee

Offer property to attract buyers.


Order to clean the object

The property should be fully cleaned before being listed. This need to take place as soon as possible after learning of the owner's intention to sell


The daily, weekly and monthly task checklist for you and your team. In order to simplify workflows and processes within a team, it is very helpful to standardize the tasks in the day-to-day work of a real estate agent. 

Save time by structuring processes with task templates once and then using them again and again. Use them for tasks such as preparing the sale of real estate, valuation or organizing the necessary documents. Find many more task templates in teamelio and use them with your team to finally have more time for other tasks.

Do you miss something? Any tasks you find yourself doing again and again that should be listed? Tell us!

Use and modify task templates directly in teamelio with your team!

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