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Use The Free Task Templates


Process email


Check and reply social media posts


Check social media groups


Respond to blog comments


Plan posting priorities


Proof read of blog post


Pre-schedule social media updates


Write and schedule newsletter


Finalize blog [post topic] for next week


Blog maintenance


Write blog post [post topic]


Schedule social media updates Week XX


Create graphic for blog post


Review revenues and finances


Check online statistics


Check email subscribers list


Brainstorm blog strategy


Topic research and contact other bloggers


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Insurance brokers & financial advisors

Insurance Requirements Analysis Customer XY

  • Registration of customer data
  • Understand the private situation of the customer (single, married, family,...)
  • Understanding the professional situation of the client (employed, self-employed,...)
  • To be insured possessions
  • Entering Previous Hedging
  • Analyzing the supply gap
  • Recommended insurances for the right life situation


Portfolio check customer XY

  • Collection of customer data
  • Analyzing the structure of the securities account
    • What is your investment amount and portfolio value?
    • How high is your desired return on investment?
    • What is the maximum risk you can live with?
    • How long would you like to invest your money?  
  • Analyzing the risk and return of the portfolio
  • Determine customer goals
  • Determine investment goals and adjust if necessary
  • Optimization of plants and portfolio
    • Checking the portfolio with regard to investment parameters (return, risk, term)
    • Comparison of the position portfolio with the optimization proposal
    • Advice on asset accumulation
    • Reduction of the risk by increasing the return


Financial Check Customer XY

  • Collection of customer data
  • Review of existing contracts
    • underwriting of risks
    • Price/performance ratio, sufficient scope of coverage, investment strategy - change of fund if necessary
  • Recording of occupational changes
  • Recording of family changes
  • Discussion of new financial products
  • Investment Strategy Review


Appointment preparation for customer XY

  • Send inquiry form to customer
  • Identifying the insurances to be discussed
  • Evaluation of the inquiry form, diagnosis and risk assessment
  • Preparation of performance comparisons
  • Elaboration of proposed solutions
  • Preparation of the personal appointment


Follow Up Interview Customer XY

  • Review the customer file and read the previous call
  • Check offer and adjust if necessary
  • Highlighting added value
  • Call, email or meet customers XY
  • Record contract or results


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Office Cleaning

Floor cleaning

vacuuming and wiping of floors incl. cleaning with care products


Wiping desks

Wiping desks and removing traces of grip on furniture


Kitchen cleaning

Kitchen cleaning incl. clearing in and out of dishwashers and washing coffee pots


Refilling of soap

Refilling of soap, towels and toilet paper


Wipe surfaces

Wipe and/or dust mirrors, shelves, sideboards and window sills


Emptying waste bins and wastebaskets


Cleaning of sanitary facilities

Cleaning of sanitary facilities incl. floor tiles (disinfecting)


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Real Estate Agents

Process e-mail inbox

Answer all new emails of prospects, sort out unimportant emails and send updates to partners


Record basics of object

Record data both from you and your customer for later reference.


Send new offers to customers

Send current offers to interested prospects and customers


Create object exposee

Offer property to attract buyers.


Order to clean the object

The property should be fully cleaned before being listed. This need to take place as soon as possible after learning of the owner's intention to sell


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Inventory check of food


Create seasonal menu


Training with staff


Clean restaurant kitchen


Weekly purchase of goods


Clean the restaurant bar


Daily statement of turnover


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