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Use The Free Task Templates


  • Process email
  • Check and reply social media posts
  • Check social media groups
  • Respond to blog comments
  • Plan posting priorities
  • Proof read of blog post
  • Pre-schedule social media updates
  • Write and schedule newsletter
  • Finalize blog [post topic] for next week
  • Blog maintenance
  • Write blog post [post topic]
  • Schedule social media updates Week XX
  • Create graphic for blog post
  • Review revenues and finances
  • Check online statistics
  • Check email subscribers list
  • Brainstorm blog strategy
  • Topic research and contact other bloggers
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Insurance brokers & financial advisors

  • Insurance Requirements Analysis Customer XY
  • Portfolio check customer XY
  • Financial Check Customer XY
  • Appointment preparation for customer XY
  • Follow Up Interview Customer XY
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Office Cleaning

  • Floor cleaning
  • Wiping desks
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Refilling of soap
  • Wipe surfaces
  • Emptying waste bins and wastebaskets
  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities
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Real Estate Agents

  • Process e-mail inbox
  • Record basics of object
  • Send new offers to customers
  • Create object exposee
  • Order to clean the object
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  • Inventory check of food
  • Create seasonal menu
  • Training with staff
  • Clean restaurant kitchen
  • Weekly purchase of goods
  • Clean the restaurant bar
  • Daily statement of turnover
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